Fair Processing Notice


Corinthian Brands (CBL) Ltd understands that your information is important and in the wrong hands it poses a risk to your rights and freedoms. In order to help you protect your information this notice will explain what information we collect, why we collect it, what we do with it, how long we keep it for, who can access it and what your rights are.

What we need

In order to ensure that our website provides you with the best possible experience we use Google Analytics to gather the following information:

  • Where you can get to the website from.
  • What pages on the website you view.
  • The amount of time you spend on the website.
  • Whether you have visited the website before.
  • Basic details on the device being used. 
  • Basic details on the browser being used.
  • Your language settings.
  • Geographic area.

When you contact us with an enquiry through Facebook or other social media, or via email or telephone we may need to collect the following to handle the enquiry:

  • Enquiry information as provided
  • Name
  • Contact details/and or postcode
  • A delivery address if required
  • To check that you are over 18 if appropriate
  • Details of stockists you purchased from

Why we need it

We need the information collected from our cookies to help us understand the needs of the visitors to the website and to understand the effects of marketing activities.  As described in the Cookie Notice, they may be used for authentication, security, to provide insights, to provide information about how users interact with a site, or to track the performance of services.

We need the information collected from enquiries to be able to adequately answer your questions and supply you with these answers. 

We do not use the information collected for any other purposes without your consent to do so, unless it is legally required to do so.

What we do with it

Data collected about your use of our website will be held by our analytics provider in their secure data centre, and any reviews and testimonials will only be collected with your consent (which you can withdraw at any time) and then passed to our website provider to publish on our website.

Phone enquiries will not be recorded; however, our staff will take written notes about the nature of the enquiry. These notes will then be used to answer the questions and destroyed once no longer used. 

Email enquiries will be accessible from a shared mail box. Staff can access the information sent to handle the enquiry. Our emails are hosted in the cloud.

Enquiries made via social media such as Facebook shall be held by the social networking platforms. The person or persons who manage our Social Media can access and action the enquiries.

We use Facebook to serve targeted adverts, we do not have access to the information used to target you. You may see adverts if you fulfil the following conditions:

  • If you fall into the age bracket of 18+
  • If someone you friend with on Facebook has liked our Facebook page 

We will not transfer your data to another country.

How long we keep it

For information about how long data about your use of the website is kept see the Cookie Policy.

Any testimonials will be held for the life of the product and securely disposed of once the product reaches the end of it’s life.

Information from enquiries will be held for reference for the life of the product and securely disposed of once the product reaches the end of it’s life.

Who can see it

The parties that can access this information include:

Our external marketing and communications companies, our analytics provider, our webhosting company, our email provider, our phone provider, social networking platforms. 

These parties will only use the data in the manner we have specified and are bound by legal agreements to protect your data.

How we protect it

Corinthian Brands (CBL) Ltd makes use of appropriate security controls to protect and restrict access to your data.

Additionally, there are a number of policies, procedures and plans in place to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data you provide us.

All staff, suppliers and contractors have been trained on handling data and are bound by agreements to ensure confidentiality.

What are your rights

You can:

  • Request a copy of the data we hold on you.
  • Request that we correct or update the data that we hold on you.
  • Request that we delete the information we hold on you.
  • Request that we keep your data but do not use it.
  • Request that we send a copy of your data to another organization.
  • Object to how we are using data.
  • Withdraw consent to process your data at any time.

For any requests regarding the above please contact the data controller listed below.  Please note we must validate the identity of any such requestors.

  • Raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office about us.  If you wish to do this then please see the Commissioner’s Office website for details –


Additionally, we must inform you of the following:

  • If we suffer a data breach and your data is affected in a way that it poses a risk to your rights and freedoms.
  • If we carry out your request to correct/update, erase or not use your data 

Contact Information

Contact details for the controller of your data:

Sue Cottingham (scottingham@corinthianbrands.com)